Zinvo is an affordable luxury brand that has stunning automatic and chronographic watches. Our goal is simple. We want to redesign watches. We want something new and uniquely inspired. Our watches are made with sleek modern designs, high-quality movements and the best materials. The watches are also affordable.

Our signature Blade collection features a patent pending design. It straps onto your wrist, a design inspired by a jet turbine. The BLADE became an international hit within its first year. This allowed fashion forward and fast paced individuals in more than 40 countries to sport this unique look. Our brand is embracing the momentum and constantly pushing forward. We are continuously creating new watches. That is the Zinvo promise. We designed our Chrono Nemis watch with a stainless steel black / gold case. We make our straps out of 100% genuine leather. Our watch's glass is scratch proof due to the sapphire coating. The women's Zealous watch boasts a sophisticated stainless steel design. Our brand makes the Zealous watch's band is made out of crocodile stamped leather. We offer a ton of interchangeable bands to match any outfit. For example, we offer a white cammo, and black crocodile stamped leather.

Our brand made luxury watches affordable.