Majorica 1890

About Majorica

Majorica is the brand name of imitation pearls made by Majorica, on the Spanish island of Majorca since 1890. In 1910 we opened an office in New York City, and we are still there today. Our pearls have a closer resemblance to natural pearls, than any other type of imitation pearl. The pearls are different from oyster pearls in several ways. The factory that the pearls are mad in is under strict control of the manufacturing process. Oyster pearls grow in nature with frequent irregularities uncontrolled by man. It takes several weeks to produce a pearl, while it takes years to obtain a sizable oyster pearl. Only 5% are gem quality pearls. Every pearl is perfectly matched and round-shaped whereas no two oyster pearls are alike. Oyster pearl's peculiarity stems from its certain blemish, similar to birthmarks or fingerprints.

The brand offers pearl strands, chokers, studs, necklaces and more. Majorica has created exquisite jewelry for 125 years. The Design Team is always capturing fashion trends and getting inspiration from what surround them.

Their Atlas collection is a combination of pearls and metal. Their minimalist collection is the perfect addition to any outfit. Our artificial pearl make the perfect gift.