Lisa Leonard


Lisa Leonard has been making jewelry since high school. Lisa wanted to start a small business that would enable her to quit her job and stay at home with her boys. At the time, She did not take any formal classes or received special training in jewelry making. Lisa just went for it! She is the "jump in and learn as you go" type. Creating jewelry not only allowed Lisa to work from home, but has also connected her with so many amazing women. Lisa Lendard's desire is to create simple, lovely pieces that can be worn with jeans or a little black dress. She want each piece to be meaningful.

Each piece we create is a work of art. All of our jewelry is hand cut, hammered, polished, drilled, and assembled with care. Lisa draws inspiration from other painters, scrapbookers, clothing designers and poets. I also love to soak up nature. I let all these ideas and images swirl around in my mind and then I create. when an idea hits me i sketch it out and play until the perfect design comes together.

Lisa Leonard designs exists because moms, grandmas and friends have shared our designs with each other while waiting in line at the grocery store or sipping coffee with a friend. Most of our customers find us through word of mouth. We know that you'll find the perfect piece.