B.U jewelry

B.u Jewelry is handmade jewelry. The collection offers charms, symbols, totems, and talismans. All products are inspirational also while some are whimsical and others serious. B.u creates the ultimate form of self expression. At Amendolaro Gift Boutique in Scranton, we offer a wide range of b.u jewelry. Amendolaro has the perfect gift for every occasion. Not only do we offer charms, and necklaces we also offer watches for the men.

Each sentimental and inspirational b.u jewelry piece has a personal meaning. Mary Steratore, the owner of the company goes to great lengths to ensure the quality of the stones and castings are extremely high. Mary Steratore ensures that the aesthetic balance of the charms yields great beauty. The jewelry's message is woven into each piece and presented with integrity. Each piece of jewelry comes with a message and a designer gift box making it the perfect gift.

b.u was created for self expression. You can wear your hopes and dreams, or a symbol of empowerment. Wear a good luck charm, or a guardian angel. A reminder that "it's never too late". It could also be a simple art deco hoop. It is a line that allows, in fact, insists that you b u.