Anju Jewelry

Anju jewelry is all hand-crafted in India using traditional techniques, the jewelry is all unique. The roots began in 1993 when India natives Anju & Gaurav Agarwal. They decided to invest in their future and move to America. Gaurav spent most of his days working on his PhD. Anju began designing and making jewelry to sell at local craft fairs.

As her jewelry sales started to take off, Gaurav decided to quit his job. His focus and all of his attention was on growing the jewelry business. Business continued to grow on a trip back home to India. They met a talented, but struggling group of artisans that could not keep consistent work. It was then, that they decided to partner with this artisan group. Therefore, moving manufacturing to India.  They knew they could provide them with consistent work.


The mission at Anju is to create hand-crafted products that blend traditional craftsmanship with modern trends. Therefore, creating a unique brand. By partnering with artisan groups they are able to provide an economic opportunity for their artisans and families. In addition to a environment that supports cultural heritage, creative expression, and fair trade practices. The company is a 100% sustainable jewelry brand committed to creating hope for artisans and their families through economic empowerment