Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani

Alex and Ani's mission is to design pieces that enhance the body and enlighten the mind. The pieces show a design aesthetic. Each person's unique style is shown. Owner and designer Carolyn Rafaelian believes it is her life's work to inspire her customers. She loves what is unique and authentic. Their artistry lies in drawing out the beauty that resides within. Therefore, showcasing the creativity that lies within the product.

They create meaningful jewelry and accessories. This empowers their connection to humanity. Therefore, making the company unlike anything else. Alex and Ani products are proudly designed, as well as made in America. We make each piece with love.  They also supported over 50 charities with their designs. Alex and Ani jewelry makes the ideal gift for any occasion. They also are a great addition to any collection.

The first retail Alex and Ani store opened in Newport in 2009. In addition to their stores, the jewelry was sold through national departments stores. In 2010, Giovanni Feroce joined the company as CEO. He drove the company's expansion. Thus, increasing the sales total for the year by more than 20 times its previous yearly total.


Alex and Ani is known for their expandable bracelet. They use a new patented designs. In addition to original technology, this concept replaces standard clasps. The sliding device makes things adjustable. Therefore, creating ease of use. This expandable feature is available in wire bracelets, rings, chain necklaces, and hoop earrings. This original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry customized. Therefore, creating the perfect fit. They are available in precious metals or our signature Rafaelian Gold and Rafaelian Silver. Adorned with sacred symbols and stones, the expandable collection is timeless. In addition to classic and collectible.